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Our Services

We are an engineering services company.  Our talented engineers are ready to tackle your challenging project.  We can work on our own, integrate with your existing team, or even lead it.

Programming Console

Software Development

Software Engineering is our life.

Our software engineers have decades experience working in industry.  We are familiar with many languages, technologies, and frameworks. Our areas of experience include realtime simulation, hardware control, business systems, and scientific instrumentation.

Whiteboard usage

Project Engineering

From requirements specification and product design to issue tracking and quality conformance, our team has extensive experience working the engineering behind your project.  We are happy to integrate with your engineering systems, or provide our own battle-tested methods for getting projects done the right way.

Futuristic Robot

2D/3D Design

Does your project require a slick user interface or 3D visualization? What about a rich UI that goes beyond the simple text fields and check boxes.  Our passion is gaming and we have extensive experience with the Unity game engine.  We have both 2D and 3D artists on staff to help bring your interactive application to life.



Please contact us for pricing information.

Our engineers and designers bill hourly as needed to complete your project or fill gaps in your team.

We will always do our best to work with your schedule, priorities, and NTEs.

We love what we do and offer very reasonable rates.

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